dinh-co-vuThe life of this world is but a play and a passing delight: but if you believe [in God] and are conscious of Him, He will grant you your deserts.

And withal, He does not demand of you [to sacrifice in His cause all of] your possessions: [for,] if He were to demand of you all of them, and urge you, you would niggardly cling [to them], and so He would [but] bring out your moral failings.

MUHAMMAD (36-37)


It’s rather perplexing that despite the seriousness with which the Malays approach their spiritual and religious obligations, they still fall prey to the sins of immorality!

Despite the regularity of prayers and other obligatory religious requirements they are still gullible to the abuses and corruption of the material world! 

Despite being constantly reminded about  the unity and purity of otherwordliness they still commit the horrid excesses of thiswordliness!

Despite the clarity of what Islam defines as haram and halal, they still advertently or inadvertently stretch the boundaries of their religious interpretations.

The Malaysian Malays pride themselves in being one of the most progressive Muslim ummah true to the spirit of the much talked about Islam Hadhari.  Everywhere, especially during the holy pilgrimage of haj and umrah they are told that they are the most tertib among the millions of Muslims in the world. They are the most well-behaved! 

The Malays pride themselves in being proponents of a religion and practitioners of a culture steeped in the best of  Muslim/ Malay adab and adat, budi bahasa and sopan santun.

Indeed, no one is more proud of their language, religion and culture than the Malays! Or more enthused about their ketuanan!

So what has gone terribly wrong?

Why have things become so ugly in the Malaysian Malay world?

Why have the Malays become the greatest chasers of wealth and power?

Why are the Malays falling prey to greed, bribery and corruption?

Why are the Malays being swatted down like flies in the political arena?

Has rapid development and abundant opportunities created a new breed of Malays that are utterly confused about themselves!

Has the fast lane of material development left the Malays somewhat stranded in their spiritual journey?

Where lies the paradox of the Malays?

Where lies their dilemma?

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