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And thus We have willed you to be a community of the middle way, so that [with your lives] you might bear witness to the truth before all mankind, and that the Apostle might bear witness to it before you.

And it is only to the end that We might make a clear distinction between those who follow the Apostle and those who turn about on their heels that We have appointed [for this community] the direction of prayer which Thou [O Prophet] hast formerly observed: for this was indeed a hard test for all but those whom God has guided aright. But God will surely not lose sight of your faith – for, behold, God is most compassionate towards man, a dispenser of grace.

AL – BAQARAH  (143)


On July 3 2002 I wrote in the NST column On The Record,

” For what was spontaneously demonstrated in the moment of crisis was not the sloth, self-indulgence and hypocricy of the modern Malay but his nicer rustic nature – the old world charm and sincerity of a people (any people) who loved their leader and were devastated by his going.

What the whole world witnessed through BBC and CNN was the leader and his people united in the throes of a national crisis. What was special about this Malaysian scenario was that it was inspired by the natural softness of the old Malay heart, not the cultivated hardness of the new one…

As we move on to realise the promises we make to ourselves, our families and friends; as we strive to achieve our goals and visions; as we grow in national strength and might we must not forget the one thing we will in the end be remembered by – our sincerity and niceness. Perhaps the tears that we shed – in the midst of it all – are the latent perspective on the Malay psyche”

The views I expressed were in relation to the then Prime Minister  Dr Mahathir Mohamed’s dramatic announcement of his resignation, and the Malay tragedy of Roman and Greek proportions that ensued on stage.  

Then the UMNO  leaders rushed towards him choking back  tears as Dr Mahathir himself wept! The sons and daughters of UMNO were locked in the sorrow of knowing that that their beloved father was leaving them despite their pleas for him to stay!

Sampai hati bapa yang disayangi dan dihormati meninggalkan anak-anaknya!  

A similar scene was enacted on stage at the closing of the UMNO general assembly yesterday! The same mood enveloped the hall as the  UMNO leaders salam and  hugged each other in a show of support and solidarity.  Any tinge of remorse or regret at past words, deeds and actions was swept away when hands were kissed as forgiveness was asked for and given!

Together, the prodigal son joined hands with his siblings and their sometimes irascible father in a huge UMNO family show of love and affection. He had come home ! Tak merajuk lagi!

The atmosphere was electric; the emotions ecstatic!

If only the euphoria can last a little longer if not forever! At least until UMNO’s family ties and silaturahim are strengthened once again.

At least until the old world Malay values of jujur, ikhlas, setia and amanah seep back into their minds and hearts!

At least until the laki bini, anak menantu and sepupu sepupu of UMNO’s large extended family understand the true  meaning of integrity!

March 2009