BEHOLD, God bids you to deliver all that you have been entrusted with unto those who are entitled thereto, and whenever you judge between people, to judge with justice. Verily, most excellent is what God exhorts you to do: verily, God is all-hearing, all-seeing!

AN – NISA (58)



While still on the subject of movies, I joined home movie fans and watched five borrowed DVDs in five days last week. I must admit that watching award-winning films on the TV screen falls far short of the pleasure of taking in every move, every expression, every word on the big cinema screen with its astounding sound effects! Besides, my concentration was not total as I chugged along on the treadmill!

DOUBT gripped me as the other four movies did not firstly because of of its theme and story line, and secondly because of Meryl Streep’s superb portrayal of the convent Mother Superior in her relentless pursuit of  truth, justice, integrity and morality.  

There were many banal issues addressed, the main one being the sexual abuse of a choir boy by a priest, the inexperience of a gullible young nun who was too quick in her faith and belief, the immorality of male community leaders, the winning charisma and rhetoric of leaders, approaches to the education of the young etc.

 BUT the all-pervading theme was one woman’s (Sister Aloysius)  instincts and beliefs and faith and convictions that she was indeed right in bringing down a priest who had abused his position and privilege. A tale of high corruption and immorality! A conspiracy of principles!

A few moments and quotations in the film stand out!

The opening scene where the priest  Father Flynn tells his congregation that sometimes society needs a huge tragedy like JFK’s assassination to unite people in sorrow and grief! God forbid this for One Malaysia!

When the older nun admits she had told a lie to bring about the priest’s confession and admission of wrongdoing!

The last scene where the old nun is asked how she knew and believed that her instincts were indeed right and her single answer is “experience”!

Indeed there are many lessons to be learnt from DOUBT which we ordinary humans have many of. Our instincts may not be as sharp, our faith and beliefs not as strong, our convictions not as convincing but we do have them!

The key to fighting for a cause and upholding our convictions is of course COURAGE. Without the courage to speak up many things remain unheard and unheeded!


Set in a Bronx Catholic school in 1964, Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a priest accused of abusing a pupil by the school’s Mother Superior, played by Meryl Streep. Adapted by John Patrick Shanley from his own play



Doubt Pictures

Philip Seymour Hoffman in Doubt (Picture 2)

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Father Brendan Flynn with Amy Adams as Sister James

  • Meryl Streep in Doubt (Picture 1)
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman in Doubt (Picture 2)
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman in Doubt (Picture 3)
  • Meryl Streep in Doubt (Picture 4)

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