And now that We replace one message by another – since God is fully aware of what He bestows from on high, step by step – and they [who deny the truth] are wont to say, “Thou but inventest it!”. Nay, but most of them do not understand it!

Say: “Holy inspiration has brought it down from thy Sustainer by stages, setting forth the truth, so that it might give firmness unto those who have attained to faith, and provide guidance and a glad tiding unto all who have surrendered themselves to God.”

AN – NAHL (101 – 102)



Key Performance Indicators or KPI for short, is an assessment tool used to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate governance, the government and public service, the rule of law and human rights and other relevant sectors of society. It measures the performance of the organisation by way of the personnel who run it.

In government, good governance will include the effective and efficient allocation and management of the country’s resources by the relevant ministries and their departments. The hierarchy of personnel is headed by the cabinet minister and the civil servants right down the line. Key to the proper running of government structures and systems is the legal and judicial system and the integrity of their members.

The Prime Minister and his ministers, the Attorney General and members of the judiciary, the Chief Secretary and his team of secretary generals and department heads as well as the other members of the governing hierarchy are key personnel whose KPI should be regularly assessed. Members of the country’s Bar Council who advocate civil and social justice are not exempt from the KPI.

Evaluations can be made against an international benchmark for universal standards in human rights, transparency, accountability and integrity but national benchmarks which factor in the country’s economic environment, socio-cultural values, norms and practices provide more relevant and realistic frameworks for a good government. The national ideals and visions set by the leadership provide important starting points.

In the light of the Prime Minister’s freshly announced vision of  One Malaysia with its two-pronged focus on people and performance, an important measurement in the KPI must surely be the effectiveness of ministry policies in promoting national unity, and the efficiency of the minister in implementing them. Short-term and long-term targets and results must be clearly stated and evaluated.

To enhance the disbursement of national resources by way of programmes/ projects for the rakyat, there must be effective management of information by the ministry team. In this nothing is more important than the minister’s own articulation of his policies and their day- to- day implementation.

Ministers must therefore be assessed on their effective handling of the media, both old and new; print, TV and online. The use of clear and explicit language will minimise ambiguities and misinterpretations which lead to confusion among the public and mistranslations by the vernacular media.

The Malaysian habit of using colloquial language may appear friendly and accessible but it is hardly appropriate in the formal context of determining the KPI for the nation’s highest officers.


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  1. 1 ceni
    May 24, 2010 at 9:06 am

    I think you are missing the albanian language here which is an independent branch in the language tree. thanks

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