” And [God says:] ‘ We have enjoined upon man goodness towards his parents: his mother bore him by bearing strain upon strain, and his utter dependence on her lasted two years: [hence, O man] be grateful towards Me and towards thy parents, [and remember that] with Me is all journeys end…”

LUQMAN ( 14 )                  



                   Beloved wife of a leader –

                   Your strength and fortitude,

                   Courage and observance,

                   Gave him his

                   To serve the ummah and be their guide

                   In life’s mortality.


                   Forbearing lover of a man,

                   Whose chartered course in life

                   To heal the sick and steer the state

                   To heights of dignity,

                   Chained you to mortal time

                   But freed your mind’s heart

                   To be wise, Woman –

                   With a wisdom not schooled

                   In the circuitous philosophical bent

                   Of learned ulamas with fancy beards,

                   Of smart professors in learned gowns.

                   Yours was the wisdom of  experience,

                   Of tasting the sweet bitterness

                   Of living and dying.


                  Beautiful Khadijah of his heart,

                  Fair temperer of his dreams,

                  Patient healer of his soul,

                  Blithe liberator of his spirit,

                  You eased his path and made his vision clear.

                  In doing so,

                  Your gift is love’s immortality,

                  To nurture forth compassion and sympathy.


                 The love you gave to all humanity

                 God’s gift to you so dear –

                 But giving so,

                 You lived and died alone.

                 Leaving him aggrieved

                 And children cherished to mourn

                 Your selfless life and caring time on earth,

                 Without demand or terse condition.


                 Beloved Khadijah and Mother, for you we yearn.




                   Isteri pemimpin tersayang –                                                   

                   Kekuatan dan ketabahanmu,

                   Keberanian dan ketaatan

                   Memberinya segala-gala

                   Untuk mengabdi dan memimpin umat

                   Dalam hidup sementara.


                   Kekasih penyabar lelaki yang

                   Lekak-liku hidup ditakdir

                   Membetah insan lemah dan menjunjung maruah negara

                   Ke tahap termulia,

                   Menggari masa fanamu

                   Namun membebas lubuk akal

                   Menjadi Wanita arif –

                   Dengan kewajaran yang tidak terdidik

                   Dalam putaran lengkok falsafah

                   Ulama bijak berhias janggut,

                   Profesor bistari berjubah ilmiah.

                   Kebijaksanaanmu besulam asam garam

                   Ulam manis kepahitan

                   Alam hidup dan mati.


                  Khadijah,  penawar indah hatinya,

                  Peringan lembut mimpinya,

                  Pembetah sabar batinnya,

                  Pelepas girang jiwanya,

                  Kamu meredai jalan dan menerangi cahaya matanya.


                  Dianugerah kasih abadi              

                  Membelai belas kasihan.   


                  Kasihmu pada insan melata

                  Kurnia anugerah Ilahi –

                  Namun dengan pemberian ini,

                  Hidup dan matimu  seorang.

                  Meninggalnya bersedih,

                  Anak manja berkabung, merenung kembali

                  Jasa dan cinta muliamu di alam fana

                  Tanpa pinta, tanpa paksa.


                  Khadijah dan Bonda tersayang ku rindu. 







3 Responses to “”

  1. May 8, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    Did u write this? ur very very good! and u write so well in Mlay too!..m ashamed to admit that my malay is terrible….bahasa lessons were a nightmare for me in school…i felt shamed and embarrassed all thru out…teachers like friwnds can be cruel.

    Actually what i wanted to say in reply to ur comment on my blog was this(bt I didnt want to write it there for fear of my kids and grandkids reading it) htere are some opinions that one must keep to onesself.:)

    I agree that behind every person there is a mother like u said…but there is nt a necessarily devoted mother behind every person. Mothers have to be deserving of the love of their children … they have to be worthy of the tribute that they would like to be given …they have to be sincere and unselfish… in other words they have to earn it….being a mother biologically doesnt make one a mother to be respected by default…if u know what I mean…a baby never asks to be born n if u are unlucky like some children are u mite be born to a complete monster or a selfish and self centred parent or an immature one…the adjectives go on..

    I feel very strongly about this but obviously I cant write it because I m no saint, far from perfect and want to give no reason for unnecessary ponderings that mite nt do me any good!!! LOLOLOL.

    Have u evver wondered why our prophet took a mere child to be his wife? I often do and havnt found the answer..


  2. May 8, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    btw..I love that foto that u put up!! its quite mesmerizing….

  3. 3 ninitalk
    May 8, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    You have some very sound insights on parenting and parenthood which I agree with.

    Yes – life is really quite unequal and treats human beings unequally too. This is Allah’s greatest test to see how we humans cope and come to morally acceptible compromises. It’s not always easy I must admit, especially when it involves family and loved ones! There’s no end to tears and hearbreaks but if the faith is strong we will survive! We hope and pray our children turn out well and return the love and care we’ve given them. If we have fallen short of our responsibility and duty we hope and pray too that they will have it in their hearts to forgive us!

    Yes – I wrote the poem in English and translated it into Malay a few years after my Mum died in 1983 at the age of 69 – not far from where I am now.

    My Malay is much better now after I decided it was either do or die! In 1991 I made a concerted effort to read Utusan Malaysia every day and it has paid off. At least I can now declare Malay is my mother tongue!

    So nice to know you Zurin!

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