ALLURING unto man is the enjoyment of worldly desires through women, and children, and heaped-up treasures of gold and silver, and horses of high mark, and cattle, and lands. All this may be enjoyed in the life of this world – but the most beauteous of all goals is with God.

Say, “Shall I tell you of better things than those [earthly joys]? For the God-conscious there are, with their Sustainer, gardens through which running waters flow, therein to abide, and spouses pure, and God’s goodly acceptance.”

And God sees all that is in [the hearts of] His servants –

AL – IMRAN (14 – 15)



You’ve guessed right!

My current favourite TV programme is BBCE’s Judge John Deed aired on Saturday night with a repeat on Sunday afternoon. It is packed with legal substance, the best of  English language use and an array of human character types in positions of authority and power. It is filled with  the wisest legal argumentations and judgements on a wide variety of cases presided over by Judge John Deed.

What intrigues me about the series is the person of John Deed himself, sensitively portrayed by actor  Martin Shaw. While highly principled and displaying the most admirable attributes that the word “integrity” connotes in his professional capacity as a judge, the character fails miserably as a man.

He is weak where the flesh is concerned and succumbs to a host of fleeting romps in the hay with legal colleagues and even women who appear in the cases before him. His one overpowering love is of course the extremely bright but erratically aloof  barrister Jo Mills (Jenny Seagrove) who loves him dearly but is repulsed by his philandering ways.




The on/off relationship between the two and the moments of great tenderness or fiery spats are worth waiting for – especially if, like me, you are an incurable romantic!  I yearn for the day the two get married but then – that will be so so boring! And that will be the end of the series!

The deep underlying cause of John Deed’s  psychological malfunction is a troubled childhood as an adopted child whose adoptive mother never showed him much love and finally committed suicide. He is thus constantly searching for that one love who adores him for what he is and not for the advantages to be derived from associating with a wise judge. Under the mighty regal robes;  beneath the right  honourable wig;  on the distinguished esteemed bench;  in the respected august court room – is a puny human being in search of love!

How ironic the twists and turns of human existence ! Is this what we all come down to in the end?




Adding to the intrigues of crime and law and society’s grapplings with human failings is the office politicking and backbiting and professional rivalry which impede and slow down real progress. Of course abuse of power and corruption rear their heads in subtle and not so subtle ways in English society!

I can’t help reading more into this English scenario however much it is embellished for TV audiences! I can’t help seeing the parallels  in real time Malaysia, in our daily lives, with family, friends and colleagues, among the highest offices/ officers of the land! 

Is there a lesson for us here? Do we have the right to be so judgemental and condemning when our own private  lives are so vulnerable?

I believe we have to set our own homes and our own hearts and our own souls in order first before we expect the same from our leaders! Or should it be the other way round?


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  1. May 17, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    Nice! I like the twist at the end. 🙂

  2. February 18, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    i am omar khayyam fram nishaboor

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