But [there is many a one] who says to his parents [whenever they try to imbue him with faith in God]: ” Fie upon both of you! Do you promise me that I shall be brought forth [from the dead], although [so many] generations have passed away before me?” And [while] they both pray for God’s help [and say], ” Alas for thee! For, behold, God’s promise always comes true!” – he but answers, ” All this is nothing but fables of ancient times!”

It is [such as] these upon whom the sentence [of doom] will fall due, together with the [other sinful] communities of invisible beings and humans that have passed away before their time. Verily, they will be lost: 

AL – AHQAF( 17 – 18)



Today was a day for my soul!  Today I hosted the fortnightly usrah led by Datin Nik Noraini, attended by about three dozen ladies who regularly partake of the sessions held at the home of a VVIP.

Today I hope the barakah and rahmah of  the Quranic teachings and concepts articulated so lucidly  by Hamka in TASAUF MODEN  and presented in such an animated and lively manner by our ustazah will nourish our minds and feed our souls.

Today these lovely ladies who are the daughters of beloved mothers and fathers, the sisters of beloved siblings, the wives of beloved husbands, the mothers of beloved children, the grandmothers of beloved grandchildren were united in their pursuit of  qana’ah, ikhtiar, tawakkal and all things beautiful in the holy Quran. It was a wonderful solidarity of women in common pursuit of the things that matter most in life – love, happiness and the unity of the family and community!

Deepak Chopra on a Larry King women’s panel last week refers to the “nurturing” qualities of women and how much better he thinks governments and the world will be if more women lead the way. Islam teaches us “syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu”.



Women are nurturers of not only the family but of each other, of other women who come into our lives. We are generous in our support when our sisters are in grief and in trouble, and give freely of our time and counsel. 

How wonderful I thought if the same solidarity can radiate from our homes and families into the larger community outside and in an even bigger circle into the bigger society that constitutes our nation! 

If every Malaysian embraces the goodness in the teachings of his/her faith and religion and practises this in his/her private and professional life, in his/her wordly endeavours, in his/her spiritual pursuits we will make for a better nation of people.

If every community is sincere in its efforts to build a nation that accomodates the needs and aspirations of  its own as well that of the other communities, Malaysia can boast of being truly progressive.

If every race or ethnic group recognises and accepts one another’s differing socio-cultural backgrounds and interests we are on our way to becoming a truly integrated society!



If goodwill and good sense prevails we can be assured of better times ahead!


2 Responses to “”

  1. 1 ol' zai
    May 29, 2009 at 12:55 am

    I love your posting on ‘Soul Food’, Ninitalk! The congenial Usrah session you hosted on Wednesday was veritably just that – food for the soul!

    The 2-hr session on the subject of ‘Qa’anah’was most uplifting. And Datin Nik Noraini’s anecdotes and spirited style of delivery did much to sustain the interest and mood of the congregation of ladies all in search of spiritual fulfilment..!The spiritual trip gave us the time and space to reflect together and remember the Almighty, to count our blessings, and to be grateful for His compassion and mercies which we have thus far enjoyed. While we work and strive for worldly bounties, we are also reminded that as mere mortals we are enjoined to seek spiritual gains for the rewards in the Hereafter..!

    ..Of course, the sumptious lunch that followed the session was also something to remember! Added to that, the ladies’ exchange of more mundane conversational topics, after ‘coming back to earth’, was indeed very refreshing for the soul!

    And, Ninitalk, I must admit that those photos you uploaded to complement this posting are simply beautiful! 🙂

  2. 2 ninitalk
    May 29, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    Yes ol’ zai – wasn’t it a nice gathering of women with a noble mission in life viz that of bonding and strengthening our silaturrahim through the teachings of the holy Quran!

    I truly hope that our mentor’s enthusiasm and encouragement in interpreting Hamka will inspire the same in the ladies! We must spread the good word through our spiritual networking among our family, kinship and friendship groups! This is the way to go to counter the bad/negative vibes of the political groups!

    I am inspired and I feel so blessed!

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