NOW AS FOR the man who steals and the woman who steals, cut off the hand of either of them in requital for what they have wrought, as a deterrent ordained by God: for God is almighty, wise.

AL – MA’IDAH (38)



They’re getting closer!  The snatch thieves I mean! They’re getting bolder and moving faster too!

Today, three of my kutu friends who were chatting in the car  as it cruised towards the traffic lights were rendered speechless when a man opened the back door and snatched a handbag that was placed between the two front seats. He then jumped pillion on to a waiting motor bike and disappeared into the main road traffic.

We couldn’t stop talking about it over lunch, each of us contributing anecdotes and experiences re traffic/street crimes. We all agreed that they are on the rise, their methods and techniques getting more wily and difficult to control or anticipate, the criminals being almost impossible to catch.

We painstakingly report it as Annette did today, urging the police to dust for finger and handprints on her car. But how do we and the police identify the street criminals from the millions of people that ply the city streets and back lanes, many hiding behind false papers or no papers at all?

Policemen on horseback will certainly be a more formidable patrol force than those on motor bikes! Police horses can be trained to kick offenders or trample on them while their police riders get the handcuffs out! Trained riders can get their horses galloping faster than the culprits can run or ride away!


Louise revealed that horses have been tried but they were not well looked after! So back to patrol motor bikes and cars which cruise down our neighbourhoods ever so sparingly! Or not at all!

Seeing how ineffective policing is, it looks like we the public have to take control of our own safety and our possessions. Women especially have to be more vigilant because they and their handbags are the targets of snatch thieves!  Snatch theft has become more rampant because the thieves know how profitable it is to snatch a bag especially a Chanel, Dior or Louis Vuiton. Ladies, especially Malaysian ladies carry a lot of cash and valuable stuff in their handbags!

So ladies, be careful and observe these DOs and DON’Ts:

Do carry a pepper/ insecticide spray.

Do have laminated copies of your IC and Driving License instead of the original.

Do bring only one credit /ATM card

Don’t carry valuables or jewellery

Don’t have more than a couple of hundred RM in your bag

Don’t chat too much when walking in a group

Do be extra vigilant when walking alone 

Do lock your car from inside

Do put your handbag on the car floor

They are watching every move you make or do not take!

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  1. 1 HeavenlySofas
    June 3, 2009 at 4:36 pm

    While it is a brilliant idea to have police on horsebacks, but i cannot imagine it still. Having how many horses, and where should they be galloping at?
    My single lady friend was driving out of her house, at the section 16 traffic light a snatch thief smashed her window and grabbed her bag away. Another case at Jalan Ampang broad daylight same thing happened to my other friend. Another person was telling same incident at BSC traffic lights … these monsters are everywhere! How do we get the horses to be at the right spot at the right time to deter these monsters from snatching, breaking, and killing?
    I’m assuming also most of the Mat Rempits are involved as they are ‘quick’ with their motorcycles, not fearing the act. They can handle the motorcycles very well. For this I hope the police force introduce some kind of tranqualizer shot or something lah, exercised by sharp-shooters. So that they can in turn tergolek and get into a coma! Rasakan!

    And yes they really need a good kick by these horses – as long as they can be done, I’m all for it.

    As for the ‘Mat Rempits’ pollution in the city, police should just shoot them down, period!

    In fact why can’t the police / govt pass a ruling saying that all snatch thieves be killed or shot down, even if they’re not exercising it, just the knowledge of it will deter some of them. AM ALL FOR IT!

  2. 2 ninitalk
    June 3, 2009 at 5:36 pm

    Policemen on horseback will be a more effective deterrent than those on motor bikes I’m sure!

    If we can have two or three plying up and down regularly along certain crime prone streets/areas, the would-be snatch thieves might think twice.

    In London bobbies on horseback look quite formidable because they are perched high up on the horses.Of course the horses can’t wreave in and out of traffic or face the wrath of hard core criminals with guns and other weapons but most of these snatch thieves are amateurs preying upon helpless or careless women.

    There must be greater patrolling of our streets and neighbourhoods and it’s worth trying anything – except perhaps your last suggestion Rizana!

  3. June 4, 2009 at 8:59 am

    I used to pester my daughter into carrying a handbag so that she doesnt lose or misplace her things. She never did listen to me. Now I’m so glad she didnt and doenst carry one still inspite of the fact that she is working and still misplaces things! Perhaps a handbag is something that we shd really leave home without altho I can’t imagine myself leaving home without one.

  4. 4 ninitalk
    June 4, 2009 at 9:18 am

    Me too Zurin!

    Perhaps handbag designers can come up with creative “anti snatch thief” designs. In fact I think you can make a lot of money out of this – that is if you are that way inclined!

    Maybe straps should be shorter. Maybe we should have pouches strapped under our clothes or underwear!

    We are no longer safe swinging our Chanels, Diors or Louis Vuitons even when they are fakes!

  5. June 4, 2009 at 10:58 am


    POLICEMEN on horseback are a refreshing sight for Petaling Jaya folk (”Lawmen to horse around Petaling Jaya” — NST, Oct 28).

    The horse power adds pride and novelty to the police force. It is yet another way to keep residential areas free of crime. It cuts fuel costs, is environment friendly and occasional galloping provides policemen some form of exercise. However, due to heavy traffic and congestion, it may not be possible for horsemen to patrol the busy city streets. … Read More

    The inspector-general of police should also consider other options. Prior to the advent of light motorcycles, policemen on bicycles were a common sight. Perhaps they should be brought back for beat duty in urban areas.

    S. SUNDARESON, Petaling Jaya

    Source: NST – October 29, 2008

    (Good idea Kak Halimah…hope the horses do not panic at the Rempit Samseng Jalanan or mad Malaysian drivers..Policeman on horses are indeed forminable..and those criminals have the horses to contend with, besides the policemen!!)

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