The government must launch a concerted 3 month anti-corruption blitz to educate the public and create awareness about its ramifications!

Just as the H1N1 virus is threatening the health of  Malaysians, bribery and corruption must be viewed as hazardous to the health of the citizen body! If left unchecked both diseases can be pandemic and destroy the well-being of Malaysians throughout the country. In the end the nation itself will be crippled by these scourges of society!

The campaign must be efficiently managed to reach the people from all walks of life through the media and public platforms. Slogans, catch phrases, headlines and posters must appear on TV, newspapers, the walls of offices, schools, shopping complexes, bus and train stations and community halls – in fact at all public venues. Everywhere the people must see, hear and be reminded of the dangers that bribery and corruption bring to the individual and society. 

It is time for The National Integrity Institute and Transparency International to spread their wings beyond the walls of government departments and selected platforms and educate the masses, if their hard work is to be at all effective. Reach out to the lay person, to the man in the street who may not be well informed. Go out to the outlying areas and engage the people in public discourse and discussions about the dangers of corruption. Get them to offer their own ideas on ways of combatting the disease which will affect them and their families!

Religious leaders play a key role in reminding their congregations about the (im) moral aspects of these societal crimes. If the young and old are constantly reminded that bribery and corruption are acts which are shunned by their faiths and religions, there will be a spiral effect on the community. Bribery and corruption must be projected as sins committed against one’s self, one’s community, one’s society and one’s God!


In this the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture must play a vital role in getting the resources, mental and man power to launch and sustain a campaign which will have a more lasting effect than all the parades, concerts and tourism blitz that Malaysians have been inundated with!

Enough of the entertainment and enjoyment aspects of public awareness! Let’s focus on education and knowledge!



Anti-corruption awards under the heading “Children against corruption” took place within the framework of “Who if not we” project. The children were awarded for their best anti-corruption pictures and slogans. Two hundred thirty pictures were submitted from Yerevan and 5 marzes of Armenia and 12 were found the best, Gayane Tonoyan, project coordinator of OSCE Yerevan Office said today. In her words, the pictures and the slogans that were approved by the jury are printed in 2008 calendar.

During the event, an anti-corruption interactive performance was staged titled “Once in a medical clinic.” The performance was staged by a public organization, “The future is yours.” In the words of NGO chair Narine Sargsyan, this is an effective way to combat corruption.

Source: Panorama.am

Bangladesh Anti-Corruption Day

Bangladesh Anti-Corruption Day Photos.


Bangladeshi people participate in an anti-corruption rally ahead of International Anti-Corruption Day in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Thursday, Dec. 4, 2008. International Anti-Corruption Day will be observed on Dec. 9. The banner in Bengali reads: “wake against corruption, anti-corruption day rally.” (AP Photo/Pavel Rahman)

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  1. August 12, 2009 at 2:45 pm

    Read your letter to editor. Good on you! But will they take heed?

  2. 2 ninitalk
    August 12, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    The government will if there is enough pressure from civil society. After all the Prime Minister has said he likes reading letters to the editor where he gets an idea of what/ how the public thinks! He has also said he welcomes constructive criticism and good ideas!

    I think the idea of a public campaign is a good one and has been successfully implemented in Singapore. They had the anti-litter, anti-chewing gum, courtesy, smile, help the elderly campaigns etc which went down well with the people. It’s like the school campaigns we had – Speak English week, Charity and Welfare week etc etc!

    With bribery and corruption, the campaign has to be multi-pronged and widespread because the problem is multi-faceted and implicates a wide spread of the population at all levels and in every sector.

    Actually the thinking has been partly done by the National Integrity Institute but they are not moving fast enough. Their target groups are small. They need the support of the media and an outreach programme!

    The infrastructure is already there e.g. the UMNO hierarchy, the National Service groups, schools, universities and IPTs, NGOs, the mosques, temples and churches. Galvanize them.

    Most important of all they must all “speak the same language”!

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