As a Malaysian loyal to the Malay Rulers and concerned for the dignity and prestige of the Royal Houses, I view with some disappointment the current spat between the younger members of the Negeri Sembilan and Johor royalty over the alleged assault and battery.

As an anak Negeri Sembilan who would like to nurture the highest regard for the Yang di-Pertuan Besar and his extended household, I’m deeply saddened by the unnecessary controversy that has ensued over the royal brawl.  

What appears to be a case of assault and abduction by the Johor prince’s group on the Negeri Sembilan prince and his companion has now been distracted by irrelevant issues like the demand for monetary compensation made by the Negeri Sembilan side.

It is most natural for the parents of the young princes on both sides to be devastated by the injuries and injustices suffered by their sons, especially if it is a physical one. It is only right that they seek legal redress if there has been a breach of the country’s laws, and damages or compensation if it is so decided by the courts. In this there should be no controversy. 

However, there is no excuse whatsoever for people to inflict bodily harm on one other when they are embroiled in an argument. When a weapon or firearm is alleged to have been used to threaten and intimidate it becomes a clear breach of the criminal code which the police and the Attorney General’s office must investigate thoroughly without fear or favour. The country’s justice system must be expediently and efficiently executed for the people to have confidence in it.

It is imperative too that the Malay princes and princesses fully understand the roles and responsibilities that come with their privileged positions in society. People look up to them and would like to give them the respect they deserve. But as ordinary Malaysians, they owe it to themselves and their families to conduct themselves with honour and dignity. 

As a Malay who would like to accord the highest respect to Malay royalty, customs and traditions, I’m disconcerted by the untoward behaviour of the young including those with blue blood. When we should be exemplary in showing the finest Islamic adab and adat we are inviting criticism by breaking its rules and tenets. 


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  1. September 25, 2009 at 9:42 am

    Like it or not, the Embarassment of the Riches is about to unfold now, in all its full glory. Can it be stopped?

    Selamat BerHari Raya Enam, Datin.

  2. 2 ninitalk
    September 25, 2009 at 10:14 am

    Unfortunately the lawyers,newspapers,news portals play up these things to sell themselves!
    There’s a lot of prejudice out there!

    Salam Hari Raya to you GUiKP!

  3. 3 Louis VI
    September 28, 2009 at 3:15 am

    I think you are a bit naive. It is one thing to hope for justice involving royals and another to hope that justice will prevail. The fact is that there there are certain Malay royal houses which are more powerful that others and this is where the feudal idiom ‘might is right’ comes into play. A more literal expression of this belief was demonstrated by what happened between the abovementioned two royal houses. In the incident expressed, it is quite clear that the Johor royal personalities were – and are being – backed up by government institutions including the police, the Attorney-General’s Chamber and the related federal-level and state agencies. This is because, as we all know, the Johor royal household is one of the richest, if not the richest, in the country. This gives it considerable clout, which it has excercised when necessary to settle matters prejudicial to its own interests. Then there is also the fact that Johor is a major political bastion for the ruling government. To cut a long fable short, the manipulative dynamics between the ruling Malay political party – Umno – and the royal Malay households is what this whole episode is about. Umno cannot afford to offend the Johor royal household by arresting and charging it top scion in a court of law because the political price as far as Umno’s support in Johor is concerned and the business sector fallout combined would simply not be worth it.

    In Umno’s eyes, justice must make way for two far more important principles – expediency to prevent its erosion – both in the political and business sectors – and an opportunity to make a powerful royal household indebted to it.

    The Negeri Sembilan royal household really has got no choice. They shouldn’t be appealing to government institutions – this is futile. They should be negotiating with the Umno kings to resolve this matter. But are the chips stacked up against them in terms of size, influence, money and brute power?

  4. 4 ninitalk
    September 28, 2009 at 9:37 am

    You are right Louis VI about my naivety in expecting absolute truth and justice to prevail.

    This I’ve been told a countless number of times by family and friends when I speak up against the socio-political corruption and abuse of power! The argument propounded always by the men is that this is the real-world ethics that turns the cogs of the business and corporate world, of government and politics. There are unwritten rules that make the world (merry)go round! The caveat – AS LONG AS PEOPLE ARE NOT HURT, AS LONG AS THE BOUNDARIES ARE MAINTAINED!

    As you very well know Louis VI, naive peasants no doubt led by clever reformists and revolutionists in France caused the downfall of your kingdom and the establishment of the French Republic. The same scenario has been reenacted elsewhere – some bloody, others less so!

    So Malaysian socio-political developments are not unique. But what sickens all of us is the cliched “selective prosecution” that unfolds day by day. Power protects those that have it and persecutes those that do not. THIS IS THE INJUSTICE OF LIFE CREATED BY MAN!

    But Louis VI, I hope you do not think me naive for speaking up and trying to instil some semblance of fairness in the Malaysian way of life – including the constitutional monarchy and the royal houses under their purview.

    If more peasants like you and me articulate our concerns, at least we would have done our part in pricking the conscience of some including the Malay Rulers and their family entourage.

    Meantime, the Muslim Malays must not forget to uphold Islam in the purest, most gentle ways. They are being watched by the whole world to see if they and their Rulers uphold the tenets of the religion they so dearly possess. In the end Allah’s TRUTH AND JUSTICE will prevail! Salams from naive ninitalk!

  5. 5 Louis VI
    September 29, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Well said, Nini.

    You, and I, in our own ways, must continue to empower truth and justice.

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