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I’m not sure whether I’m flattered or amused by the commenter pakbelalang’s suggestion on Tun Mahathir’s (chedet.cc) blog posting CALON BERSIH that I’m the right UMNO candidate for the Bagan Pinang by-election in Negeri Sembilan.

Apparently, I will be accepted by the local people because my late father Tan Sri Dr Mohd Said was the former Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan who hailed from the neighbouring state constituency of Linggi. My academic background, it is asserted, will stand me in good stead as a credible, reliable candidate whom the voters will support. More amazing is the suggestion that I might be the future Menteri Besar.

Here goes:

Dear Tun,

I want to make a suggestion that the best candidate for BN to be considered seriously to contest for the Bagan Pinang state constituency of Negeri Sembilan is none other than Dr Halimah Mohd Said, the daugther of Tan Sri Dr Mohd Said, the former Menteri Besar of Negri Sembilan.

She was an academician aged 59 and comes from a well respected family. Her root is from Linggi and I am very confident that she will be accepted by local people there irrespective of race.

It will be smooth sailing for BN to campaign with a candidate of high stature like Dr Halimah. What say you,Tun? She can even be the potential Mentri Besar !!

Worth trying to approach her whether she is interested to contribute her service to the rakyat.

I am suggesting this to you because I know you know her family well.

I must thank pakbelalang whom I’m sure I know or who knows one of my six siblings or the whole Said family well, for having such confidence in my ability to enter active politics. He must know a little or a lot about my family culture and values to make such a bold presumption – and to none other than Tun Mahathir himself.  

To pakbelalang and to my readers I would like to say that although I have a keen interest in the political developments in Negeri Sembilan because of my father’s involvement in the post-Merdeka era and my own current interests as a socio-political writer,  my aspirations shall remain at the level of commentary and comment on, and perhaps criticism of political happenings.

Not having been an active member of UMNO all these years disqualifies me immediately both in terms of knowledge and exposure to UMNO’s political culture at the very basic grassroots level, as well as the inter-personal influence and networking essential for a worthwhile political career.

Whatever information I’ve been able to gather about state and national politics comes from reading the newspapers and the blogs and sharing bits of information with family and friends. A lot comes from my father’s manuscripts and writings which he patiently and diligently documented all those years. Leafing through them and reading the detailed entries in his diaries gives me a privileged sense of the history and politics of a past era.

In other words, I myself do not have a political base or aspiration. It’s certainly tempting to think that one can serve the nation and help to influence the lives and fate of the people in direct (political) ways. But politics is not the only option for national service!

I’d like to think that I’ve contributed in some small measure to educating the nation’s young for more than thirty years – 7 years as a school teacher and  24 years as a university lecturer. Bukan kah ini juga perjuangan demi bangsa, agama dan negara? 

Perhaps if I was five years younger I would consider it worth my while to enter the political arena and battle it out with the wolves, lions and tigers out there – not to mention the snakes, monkeys and rodents!

It would be wonderfully enriching to strengthen one’s political beliefs and ideals through it all! It would be spiritually fulfilling to consolidate one’s philosophy of life through living a life of politics!

But my vocation and calling lie elsewhere! I will continue to write! Besides pakbelalang – I’m 63, not 59! Sigh!


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