Looking around me I’m convinced life is unequal and God means it to be this way – in this life and in the next too!

That’s why on this planet earth we have the good, the bad and the ugly among the human species whose final resting place is in Heaven or Hell of the heavens!

That’s why when you look around you there are gaping chasms, gross disparities, great inequalities among your fellow men and women. Differences in their God-given physical, mental, emotional, intellectual capacities! Differences in their Man-driven educational, academic and professional opportunities! Differences in socio-economic mobility! Differences in political affiliations!

Let’s take poverty and wealth – the two predicaments that haunt societies and nations across the globe! There are poor and rich people in every country, the relationship between the two groups being relative – both within the country and between countries. Poverty and wealth are relative to each another! One is only as rich or as poor as one’s neighbour;  richer or poorer than one’s family, friends and colleagues! One group, kampung, district or region is richer or poorer depending on what God has bestowed on them in terms of natural and human resources!

Thus it becomes the unending quest of governments to narrow the chasm and reduce the disparities and inequalities. Because let’s face it – the pursuit of equality and equity will remain the one abiding duty of any government but absolute equality and equity remains God’s prerogative!

At the personal level, the quest must be to reach out and share one’s endowments be they God-given or Man-driven with those who are less fortunate. There’s nothing more awful than not to realise that everything that we have in this world comes from our Maker – even the striving for it! For some of us have the intelligence, courage and strength to persevere and succeed in our endeavours. Some have been denied this facility!

It is Nature’s way of providing the checks and balances, of enabling the cogs in the human wheel to run – sometimes not as smoothly as we’d like them to. But persevere we must, if only to contribute in the ways we know and can to make this world a better place for ourselves and our fellow humans


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