What a shame! 

Tiger Woods’ unrivalled domination of the golf circuit for more than ten years with the young man emerging as a disciplined and skilled golfer and a doting family man has taken a hit! Not by a rival’s round of eagles and birdies but, most  ironically, by Tiger’s own hole in one! The man is no mean tiger after all but just a bird-chasing one! It turns out that he’s had liaisons with not one woman but three, four, five… leaving a trail of voice and SMS messages  for his wife and the whole world to discover.  

What a sham!

The cool, principled and unwavering player on the golf course turns out to be another furtive,  fumbling and cheating  husband caught in the rounds of marital indiscretions in a spectacular play-off  between him and his wife. The invincible Tiger could not see the woods for the tree as he tried to avert her drives and crashed into one.

The  Tiger Woods’ debacle may or may not affect his exceptional golfing skills and his cool in executing them. The multi million dollar endorsements by sporting companies and organisations may or may not be withdrawn. The millions of golfing fans around the world may or may not care about their champion’s personal problems. But like it or not, this episode will long remain a lesson for celebrities and public figures who lose themselves (and their integrity) in the glamour of their lives; who are stupid enough not to cover their tracks!  

In the end, what started as a sexual attraction, an endearing relationship and perhaps even love turns out to be no more than an opportunity to exploit a business potential and to wrest millions from a rich partner. Pre and post nuptial contracts, book deals, exclusive disclosures, media publicity, the prospects of a Hollywood debut will drive the birds as they fly high over the tigers and rampage through the woods! 

For years to come, the sexual indiscretions of this cheating husband will serve to reinforce the belief of  the women out there that the price to pay for treating them as trophies or toys is high indeed! As men remain convinced that they are God’s gift to women especially when they are endowed with $$$$$; as they exert their brute strength and power; as they sink more comfortably into their chauvinistic cocoon, the women are getting wiser and more wily! Women are calculating their worth in a dynamic way where “adoration and fertile tears” no longer deceive them; where sex is not sacred or secret; where love is a commodity you pay for; where partners and husbands must know the hellish fury of a woman scorned!

It’s a mad, mad, mad world indeed when you can no longer see the woods for the birds in the trees! And it’s a scary world when tigers can no longer roar because they are toothless!


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