A time for celebration and a time for reflection!

A time to live and a time to die!

Birthdays and wedding anniversaries or the anniversary of a death always make one pensive as one recollects the year that has been and the people that matter. Some are still here to impact one’s life in one way or another!Some are gone forever leaving the memories so dear!  

With human relationships the recurring concerns are always love, trust and responsibility and that nebulous thing called happiness! While the first three can be made manifest in action and behaviour and survive the onslought of time, the last is harder to determine and elicit. It’s something that you feel in the innermost part of your being for a fleeting second or minute or hour. It’s something that is the effect of action and behaviour and can be sustained for just so long. You can feel unending love or trust but you can’t be happy forever!

The ending of a year is a time for reflection and a time for recollection – of what has been. It also marks the beginning of a new year – a time of hope and a time for renewed vows for what is to come!

Human relationships are also full of dejection, disappointment and despair and worst of all grief! When it happens one feels a void and an emptiness as though life will never be the same again. But like happiness, sadness  has a way of lifting itself out ot the depths of our being. It is as though the human heart is built out of a lot of reserves and wants to renew itself! And it heals and heals well if one allows it to! If we don’t it will eat itself up and die!

Talking of reserves and renewal, of trust and responsibility one can’t help reflecting on the life of the nation that we all love – our beloved Malaysia!

Thinking of the trials and tribulations that our young nation has endured I’m reminded of the truism “When has there been a time when things were right  for a country and its people?” Come to think of it – never! Society  (like the humans it comprises) is never absolutely right or wrong but only in comparison synchronically or diachronically! When we sadly lament how much better the nation’s life was in the 60s or 70s it is only in retrospect and in comparison to what it is now when corruption and crime are rampant and our economic woes are severe.  But we forget to measure the little happinesses that we now enjoy with the nation’s modern conveniences and facilities which we did not know before.

Diachronially things are worse or better along the continuum of time, when we compare ourselves to our past. Synchronically Malaysia is better or worse off at a certain point in time when we compare ourselves across the globe!

I believe all is not despair and doom as the cynics and sceptics would like to paint of the country. Like the voluminous reserves in our puny human heart that repair and replenish to set us on our journey again, the nation’s reserves comprise the sum total of the people’s hearts.

I believe that if all of us strive in our public lives as we do in our private, we will build a better Malaysia next year and in the years to come. If there have been national disappointments and national disasters, there is a time for renewal and hope if we keep our hearts and minds open! Much better prospects than the destruction and death of a nation!




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