The burning of churches by Muslim freaks is a dastardly act that must be viewed with the greatest contempt and condemned by all rational and right-thinking Muslims! 

It stinks of  crime and corruption where fanatical Muslims dare to take the law into their own hands and hold the Christian community to ransom in the most despicable manner viz destroying  their churches through arson and potentially threatening  their lives!

This over the use of the word “Allah ” for “God’  in the Bahasa Indonesia translation of the Bible used in Sabah and Sarawak!

It this these irrational Muslims who act on impulse and whose religious fervour is nothing more than bravado that bring shame to the Muslim community in Malaysia who have embraced our multireligious and multicultural society with the greatest respect and understanding. They are a disgrace to Islam – the religion of peace, of love, of compassion, of generosity, of understanding, of mercy – and all the other 99 attributes implicit in the name of Allah!

An irony and a farce of the highest order indeed!

In the mad fever of  protesting against the use of what is considered the culturally loaded concept of Allah specific to Islam, these freaks of religion are displaying the very characteristics abhorred by Allah. Endowed with the teachings, principles and tenets of Islam contained in the Quran and Hadith , Muslims everywhere are obliged to show the highest ethics and decorum in their conduct and behaviour. Any deviation from these teachings is considered an affront to Islam and to Allah and will meet with remorse and retribution in this world and the next. Crime and corruption are among the worst sins that people can commit against their fellow mankind!

Instead of adhering to  the teachings of Islam to show patience and tolerance, and heeding the calls of the nation’s leaders to allow the due processes of the country’s law to run its course, these errant individuals are doing the very things they so smugly condemn in others. Instead of allowing the Muslim and Christian leaders to come up with an amicable solution to what is a poor translation of the concept of the Christian God, they are displaying the worst of ungodly behaviour!

God is universal! There is only one God which all religions embody! Unity is God! The manifestations of this 1 God for all mankind, however, differ from religion to religion. For each religion and its followers, their God is indeed special to them and they understand Him through the teachings in their Holy Books. The concept of the Trinity is implicit in the Christian God and underlies Christian beliefs. To shake this belief is to undermine their faith!

The translators of religious texts must therefore exercise the greatest wisdom after much study and research to ensure that their translations are accurate and relevant, bearing in mind that cultural and religious translation subsumes the element of untranslatability or ketidakbolehterjemahan.

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  1. 1 harum manis
    January 9, 2010 at 9:48 am

    I also condemn such hideous acts. They are despicable and criminalistic.

    However, there is no evidence as yet that they were perpetrated by Muslims. The natural inclination is to think that they are acts of vengeance carried out by those fanatical about their faith which they deem affected by the Court ruling. Let’s wait the outcome of the Police investigations. That DS Najib has called in and gave instructions to the IGP and has consulted the YDP Agong on the role of the Rulers Conference suggest that there is political will to resolve this matter to the satisfaction of most Malaysians.

    What upsetted me was that the reporter of a blog was quoted on Wednesday as saying Kementerian Dalam Negeri had allowed the demonstration scheduled on Friday. It heightened feelings. DS Hishamuddin on Thursday said certain blogs twisted his words and mischievously reported on the “permission”. It worsened feelings. There clearly was mischievous intent on the part of the reporter and the publisher(s). On TV last night DS Najib told a Malaysian Insider reporter in no uncertain terms not to blame UMNO for the current state of affairs regarding this matter. The reporter was apparently trying to politicise this religious issue. DS Hishamuddin then said he would even use the ISA to protect the security of the country in this connection. I wouldn’t mind if he does.

    Religion is a serious matter and there must be mutual respect among the adherents of all religions. Where there are differences, they must be resolved amicably. The pros and cons of the Catholic newspaper using the word Allah have been discussed all over. I feel that when a large number of Muslims – the majority in this country – realised the Catholics using the word Allah and objected, the Catholic leaders should take heed instead of going to the extent of taking the matter to court. In Malaysia, the word Tuhan is sufficient to refer to the Christian god and is not inconsistent with the Trinity concept of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost. Allah is Esa, the one and only. However, I hope all parties would see reason in the interest of goodwill, harmony and stability in this country. The Catholic leaders can still re-consider their stand despite KDN having filed an Appeal to the Court.

  2. 2 amanshahkhalid
    January 9, 2010 at 10:08 am

    Little knowledge is dangerous but to be a ‘blind’ follower is even worse! Most Muslims in Malaysia condemned the act of burning the churches in the Klang Valley recently. This is an act of ‘cowardice’ of the lowest category! Muslims and Christians have long established peace and harmony in this country and as Muslims we should not be easily led by the socalled Muslim leaders to damage this relationship. Muslims all over the world has been labelled by the Western World as ‘terrorists’….are we the Muslims in Malaysia helping them to confirm this? Muslims through the AlQuran and Hadiths has been taught to be tolerant, peaceful and have respect for other religions. We were further taught how to control anger (Zikirullah)in our day to day existence in this world. Are we practising what we had been taught or do we just practise it in the mosques? Let us stay united as Malaysians and let those in power handle the problem wisely and efficiently…through negotiations and discussions. I strongly do not believe in, we, the public, handling or taking the law in our own hands!

  3. 3 ninitalk
    January 11, 2010 at 5:26 am

    Yes, I have assumed that it must have been Muslim fanatics who attacked the Christian churches! It’s a conclusion I’ve drawn from the circumstances leading to the deplorable act!

    Yes, it’s deplorable how the spinners from each side of the political divide are intent on causing a rift in the citizenry by deconstructing words and events to suit their purpose. They are increasing in intensity by the day and spreading their influence on the people by touching on something close to their heart – their faith and their God!

    It’s scary how enormous this rupture can be if it’s not handled quickly and wisely! It can accelerate and erupt into bloody confrontations and retaliations!

    The Prime Minister must bring together religous and political leaders of all denominations and affiliations and declare a truce for the sake of the country.

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