Watching Tiger Woods address selected members of his family, friends, associates and  journalists to admit responsibility for his recent indiscretions and to ask for their patience and support in seeing him through his rehabilitation was a lesson in humility for the once indefatigably roaring tiger in the golf circuit. On the media podium viewed by millions of  people, he was a repentantly tame pussy cat!  He apologised to his business associates, his fans and all those who have admired and looked up to him as a role model.

To see this towering young man who has achieved tremendous successes on the golf course through sheer hard work and determination come tumbling down because of  a character defect is to be reminded of what providence has in store for us when we can no longer see the woods for the trees!

It is a lesson indeed for those whose ambitions cloud their better judgement, whose influence and affluence make them forget their moral values and upbringing, whose flirtations with power distort their sense of right and wrong and whose selfishness blinds them against true loyalty and integrity.

Interestingly, Tiger Woods declares a return to his Buddhist roots and its teachings of  restraint and self-control. Through the synergy between western psychology and eastern spirituality, one hopes that the young man will be sufficiently rehabilitated to move on and start a new phase first in his family life and later in his golfing career.  He promises that meantime the humanitarian efforts of  his foundation  in educating the young will continue unabated.

Introspection, self-analysis and self-awareness which lead to admission of guilt and misconduct are therapies that we should all undergo from time to time either in the privacy of our own thoughts, on the psychiatrist’s couch or in organised rehabilitation programmes which involve interactions among people who share similar concerns. All- important is the  trained facilitator/ mentor who moderates the communication and has the expertise to determine the type and extent  of each individual’s malady. This will in turn help to determine the path of healing and the cure specific to each person.

Closer to home,  one can apply the same principles at the level of  the family, work place, community group, NGO, political party etc. Before the nation falls into greater disarray because of sectarian interests and selfish agendas, Malaysians must look deep into their minds, hearts and souls. They must seriously introspect and admit to their failings as individuals, heads of families and community groups, teachers and religious leaders,  politicians and government leaders etc. They must focus their determination on building the nation not destroying its very heart and soul.

Each of us bears a responsibilty greater than ourselves especially when we have been anointed to lead. Each act of misconduct or bad behaviour causes ripples right through the group or organisation which affect people in multifarious ways. If we can first of all admit we have strayed from our original cause or objectives and work towards building up new energies, strengths and skills we  will be one step nearer a better Malaysia. If we can participate in a national rehabilitation programme to modify each of our goals and strategies to create the  nation we can all be proud of, we will be rewarded with one.

In reality, it is not the Prime Minister and his cabinet alone that are responsible for the KPIs in nation building! It is the whole lot of us!


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  1. 1 Gopal Raj Kumar
    February 21, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    I think Tiger Woods is the embodiment of the American dream. Win, make money and have as much sex and other forms of self indulgence as you can. Donald Trump was at the very least honestly American when he said get out of it and go party. Become a playboy.

    America cannot bear to have non white heroes. Whether it was Chuck Berry whom they set up with a 15 year old girl (who looked 29) in his hotel room (and she was white, he being black in the 1950’s) or Michael Jackson who they pilloried because he was Gay (but left Elton John alone because he is white?) the US suffers from a pathology of moral hypocrisy.

    They are all at it. If Anwar complained about the matress, think Monica Lewinsky and her Clinton stained blue dress. Eleanor Roosevelts was reputed to and now officially admitted to have kept “company” with Duke Ellington. No big sin there. Australian actor Jack Thompson married a woman and had her sister also live with him sharing their bed. A big manly thing to do here. MIck Jagger has more women inside his marriage than he has had ferrries and thats not dented his popularity or career. So whats wrong with Tiger Woods having had his many flings?

    What about not one but a whole army of Bible Belt preachers and TV evenagelists from the Jim and Tammy Baker set to Jimmy Swaggart,Jerry Falwell and Oral Roberts all having “dipped into” their flock. At least Tiger paid his women and they were whores before he serviced them. The Evangelists made whores of their innocent followers. Tammy Baker had little boys under age as did her husband Jimmy. And we have an army of moralists in places like Malaysia slavishly following them from the pulpits and pews of old cinemas in Kuala Lumpur in their thousands.

    Woods will come back. He must and in the end like Mohammed Ali who dared challenge the racist war machine of the US. His come back may be subject to the enormity of the pressures of the ‘peanut gallery’ the press and his sponsors. They want him to fall. He seemed too perfect for a White American public who believe non whites to be less than….

    Don’t be too hard on him. If he visited male whores thats different. Anyway it is reported his wife is no angel either. More about that for some other time. Toger Woods was simply being a full blooded American. I mean don’t their movies, literature and TV shows promote that morality anyway?

    Maybe America iss subtely becomming Muslim in its outlook condemning Tiger Woods.

    Gopal Raj Kumar

  2. 2 ninitalk
    February 22, 2010 at 7:02 am

    Sexual indiscretions and infidelity are the bane of married people (men mostly) when they get caught, yet they still do it. Black or white or yellow – skinned the inclination to stray is inherent some say in the male species, and today the temptations abound at one sen a piece you will say GRK. Society is more permissive, morals are in disarray; therefore people are more promiscuous and think it’s their right or prerogative, especially when they are rich and powerful.

    Tiger Woods takes the cake for having multiple partners and the critics are going after him like they have gone after some others. The fact that he is black and has an all-white cast makes the Americans wild. In fact I think this is also true for Woods. The fact that America and the whole world is judging him quite badly shows that morality is still alive even in the most democratically permissive society. His celebrity status compounds the curiosity and the chase.

    My interest is in the way he is handling his fall from grace. With a lot of grace I must say! His repeated apologies, his admission of bad behaviour and the reasons why, his plea for support and forgiveness, his firm request for privacy, his return to his Buddhist roots! He seems to on the right path to healing. There is no attempt to shift blame, to protest, to lash out at people, to be arrogant and self-righteous as many people are when they are caught with their pants down.

    I saw honesty and humility; determination and responsibility – the ingredients for change and transformation!

  3. 3 amanshahkhalid
    February 22, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    Journalists are all out to get first hand sensational news even to the extent of paying to the ‘whistleblowers’! It is not a question of colour but Tiger is obviously a sports sensational personality and a celebrity in his own rights….imagine being the first sportsman to earn over one billion dollars! My simple contention here is that professional sportsmen today are being lavishly overpaid to the extend that some of these men just do not know how to handle their income. Being young and active, though some are married, quite a number of them are more promiscuous or indulged in extra marital activities as they spend most of the time away from their wives!Quite a few also spends millions at casinos as their past time as recently reported in the press. Tiger Woods and John Terry are the two unlucky duo to be caught with their ‘pants’ down’ but there are definitely many out there (not only professional sportsmen) who are on a similar ‘spending spree’. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not condoning their actions but being young millionaires it is not easy to manage their love lives especially when they are on their own.
    I believe Tiger Woods has repented and trying his best to put back together his life and eagerly waiting to be in the midst of his fellow golfers soon. Remember he has a beautiful wife and two cute little daughters he wants to win back and he neeeds us as his ardent fans to help him regain his focus in his life. He has not lost his fans as a golfer maybe a little as a father!

  4. February 22, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    Tiger Woods…. I just want him to play GOLF and have quality time with his wife and children!!Bye.

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