The move by the MACC to garner the support of the public in its fight against corruption is indeed a move in the right direction! It is innovative and dynamic!

In launching the Frenz of the MACC which will spread its work through friendly cyber sites like Facebook, the anti-corruption agency is at last waking up to the fact that without public support its efforts will be in vain.  Encouraging whistleblowers to report cases of corruption and cooperate with the MACC in its investigations is merely a ripple in the ocean.Without an outreach programme to educate the public and to solicit their commitment in fighting the national scourge, the MACC faces a near-impossible task as they confront members of the public who are either ignorant about what constitutes corruption, or think that giving and receiving bribes are not dishonest acts.

With the right objectives, strategies, programmes and training Frenz of the MACC can reach out to various sectors of the community – schools, institutions of higher learning, community groups and NGOs, business associations and guilds, political groups and platforms – to complement the enforcement work carried out by MACC staff .

Only then will the MACC cease to be the punching bag of the sceptics among the Malaysian public  who see no right in  the efforts of the nation’s enforcement agencies, yet refuse to contribute their knowledge, skills and expertise. By getting public input and feedback continuously the MACC will no longer be viewed as being selective or partial as the rakyat themselves are involved.

The public must come out in full support and walk the talk as they ask of the government!




MACC launches info dissemination via SMS



KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has launched a short messaging service (SMS), “Frenz of MACC”, to disseminate information and views in an effort to thwart corruption.

Its chief commissioner, Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed said through Frenz of MACC, information would be channelled through key communicators comprising students from institutions of higher learning (IPT), management of ministries and departments and the media.

He said to date, about 1,000 key communicators had been appointed nationwide and the number would be increased to 5,000 by year-end.

“Frenz of MACC will be placed under the ambit of the MACC chief commissioner office.

“We hope we will be able to handle a crisis better with the support of the society especially through Frenz of MACC,” he said at the launch of “Friends of MACC” at a luncheon with MACC Selangor/Federal Territories Former Officers Association here today.

Abu Kassim said the MACC would also be launching its facebook page on April 16 in a move to engage the people in the fight against corruption by disseminating accurate information and clarifying issues that emanated. – BERNAMA



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