The MACC will have to think of better ways of encouraging public responsibilty in reporting cases of bribery and corruption.

The announcement by the MACC chief Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed that rewards will be given to informers to encourage more people to come forward defeats the very purpose of the anti-corruption campaign which has just been launched.

By introducing the element of reward or inducement in the line of duty, the MACC is perpetuating the money and compensation factor rampant in society, where people do things in expectation of a reward. This will further evolve into the culture of greed, opening the system to abuse and more corruption. Besides the unnecessary use of public funds, the MACC will be entangled in the question of who deserves what and by how much! Energy which should be channelled to tackling corruption will be diverted to working out deals with another lot of opportunistic Malaysians!

The public, especially those in the government departments and enforcement agencies, must want to weed out corruption for its own sake not for the sake of seeking advantages for themselves. They must see it as a disease to be eradicated and a sin to be avoided because of its insidious nature of corrupting not only the individual but his whole family, community and society.

The private sector must want to free itself of the scourge because it wants to conduct its businesses and corporate deals in an honest and fair way, not because it has the monetary might to do so. In negotiations between businessmen and the government officers in authority nothing should be more fulfilling than the mutual respect for one another’s roles and duties. Nothing should be more satisfying than doing a job well and being thanked sincerely for it.

If at all the whistleblowers need to be acknowledged, what better way than to secure them a better position in their work place or to give them the privilege of leading their colleagues in meaningful ways!


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