The Prime Minister’s call for the voices of reason to resonate throughout the country is indeed timely!

Moderate Malaysians must come to the fore and speak up lest they want the growing voices of discontent to prevail in their bid to destroy the peace and harmony in the country. Concerned citizens who love their motherland must demonstrate their patriotism by lending their voices to diminish the efforts  of extremist groups and individuals to exert their influence on the vulnerable and weak.

Under the guise of protecting the people’s rights, and promoting fairness and justice there has arisen a culture of  verbal slander and abuse aimed at destroying the national equilibrium. Under the guise of freedom of speech and modern liberties there is a growing habit of decrying anything and everything that the authorities are trying to do. It seems as though the government has done no right despite the tremendous progress that the nation and its people have made in the first half-century of its development.

On the Internet and alternative media, dissident voices choose to unravel policies and programmes that have gone wrong, parrying aside the numerous successes that the country has achieved. The new modus operandi is to shame and blame  by applying the wildest analogies to support an argument. The newly emerging discourses are heaped with criticism and cynicism instead of being helpful and constructive.

It is time indeed for the voices of peace, conscience and reason to articulate an alternative national discourse that builds and constructs. Citizen and civil society movements must lend their voices to generate maturity and wisdom among the people as the nation moves into its next phase of development. Public forums and discussions must not only encourage positive affirmations but also manifest them in concrete outreach programmes and activities on the ground. The cry for unity and harmony must resonate at all levels of society, be it at the community, organisational or individual level.

Malaysian voices of peace, conscience and reason must prevail!



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  1. November 5, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    Looking forward to the Forum.

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