There’s no denying that people believe in all sorts of causes and if these fall under the purview of  the much touted “democracy and human rights” they are able to garner a lot of support, moral and financial. Huge western blocs have always imposed their political philosophies on what they perceive as the lesser civilisations cocooned in archaic and oppressive customs and traditions (measured against western standards of decorum, ethics, freedom and democracy).

I agree some of these traditions are barbaric by any standard of human behaviour e.g. death by stoning, abuse of women and children, imprisonment without trial, religious persecution, ethnic cleansing, insidious wealth accumulation, economic oppression, illegitimate government etc etc etc.
Currently, the key to the democracy crusade lies in eradicating corruption and abuse of power by governments and political leaders because herein lies and can lie the most atrocious crimes against the people. Democracy’s tenets of being a government of the people, by the people, for the people have been rudely shaken by the injustices committed by dictators and demagogues in the name of protecting their people and their nation’s sovereignity – which the western police of democracy say they have the unbridled, universal, democratic right to protect.

Private groups and individuals with deep pockets who are aligned to these western governments are now coming to the fore to, in their view , uphold and force democracy on every country. CLASH OF IDEOLOGIES – CLASH OF CIVILISATIONS – CLASH OF PHILOSOPHIES  take place at whatever cost! The borderless world we have created allows the free and quick flow of money, influence and power.
The danger lies in the societal ideals not being properly defined, managed and understood by their champions, or if properly defined, managed and understood by their proponents becoming diffused and confused when they reach the masses. 

Let’s face the universal fact that in any nation not every person has the same idea of right and wrong (conscience) or the same capacity to think sensibly and logically (reason).

Let’s face the undemocratic reality that there are deep chasms in the level of education and exposure and huge gaps in the information, knowledge and experience that people have to apply to their reasoning, if at all they apply them. What more in the downtrodden third world and emerging developing societies where irresponsible leaders hoodwink/ brainwash the gullible masses too weak or too poor or too indifferent or too beholden to care about questions of the relevance, honesty, uprightness or judiciousness of the causes and the integrity of the individuals championing them.

It thus  becomes incumbent upon an unaligned intelligentsia to mediate these developments – not through street demos, public outcries, officious statements, wild rhetoric or doctored videos – but in civilised and civil public spaces through engagement and dialogue. In allowing for the discourses of conscience and reason to surface and penetrate the greater public mind, we will be helping to educate our people and raise their level of thinking a notch higher.

It is for the Generation X to join forces with the Generation Y to consolidate a body of well-argued discourse at all levels to appeal not only to people’s minds but also their hearts.
Only by building our own strengths and resources will the nation’s people be able to free ourselves from the convenience of allowing other people to think for and dictate to us what we should and shouldn’t do for our country.

Only then can we stand up to the bribery and corruption among the local and foreign fund managers disguised as champions of democracy and human rights.


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