Raja Zarith Sofiah Binti Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah, Patron of PCORE and Guest Of Honour


Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh, Chief Executive Officer of ASLI


Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Group Chief Executive of Air Asia


Dr Chandra Muzaffar, Chairman of Yayasan 1 Malaysia


Dato’ Dr Mohd Tap, President of Institut Integriti Malaysia

Distinguished Speakers and Role-Players

Honoured Guests, Ladies & Gentlemen


  • It gives me great pleasure to welcome PCORE Patron, HRH Raja Zarith Sofiah Sultan Idris Shah to the ASLI-PCORE Forum on the theme Unity & Multiculturalism: Building A Future Together.
  • Menjunjung Kasih Tuanku for your gracious presence.
  • Since PCORE was founded in 2010 and officially registered in May 2011, Her Royal Highness has been fully supportive of our activities.
  • Indeed it was Tuanku who inspired five Facebook friends to form a citizen movement based on the founding values of peace, conscience and reason
  • PCORE is a young citizen movement and our simple motto ripples not waves  urges us on in small but meaningful ways
  • As PCORE President I’m proud to say that from the onset our strategy has always been to collaborate with partners who share our mission and objectives  – with individuals and small groups as well as giants such as ASLI.
  • We have found collaboration to be a most efficient way of sharing our resources and a most effective way of managing our programmes and activities. Not only does it extend our outreach, it also optimises our capacities. It is economical – when we cost-share, we cost-cut. Efficient, Effective & Economical!
  • Collaborating is an excellent opportunity to learn from the knowledge, experience and exposure, from the talents, skills and training of people who come from diverse backgrounds. By coming together in pursuit of a common cause we are united in working for the best outcomes.
  • We in PCORE believe that if the same spirit of collaboration pervades Malaysian society and seeps into the hearts of Malaysians, we will move forward as a people, united by the shared reality of our daily lives and our shared hopes and dreams.
  • For now, my hope is that the forum goes well with the participation of each and every one of us. We are gathered here today because we care and we believe we can make a difference.
  • Today we are here to speak honestly and sincerely, to share positive and constructive ideas on how to make our beloved Malaysia a better place.


  • Today in this miniscule space of a public forum, ordinary people are making a commitment to nation-building – to uphold our diversity and to reconcile our differences.
  • We are defining new approaches and finding workable solutions to manage the little niggly problems as well as the bigger issues that we face as a people and as a nation


  • We will collate and compile all your suggestions and document them into the forum Resolutions and Recommendations  to be handed to the relevant authorities.


  • We must create more public spaces like this forum where people, including the young can come together and share their hopes and dreams for national unity in meaningful exchanges


  • We must create more opportunities for people to engage one another in honest and sincere ways. By giving one another the space for dialogue and discourse, by listening to what others have to say, by sympathising and empathising with people who are different from us, we will undertand one another better and at a deeper level than the surface “Hi” and “Hello”.


  • I would like to end by thanking PCORE’s “partner in forum” ASLI for this wonderful opportunity to synergise our many strengths in organising this forum. Thank you Tan Sri Michael, Yeen Seen and the staff of ASLI
  • May I thank the forum’s esteemed speakers and role players who did not hesitate when they were asked to lend their voices. Thank you for your commitment to national unity and multiculturalism
  • I would like to thank Institut Integriti Malaysia for your cooperation in making the forum space a glowing one. Thank you Dato’ Dr Mohd Tap and your team of dedicated staff
  • Last but not least a huge thank you and much love to the PCORE committee with whom I’ve held hands to put together this forum and our other activities. You are great guys!

Salam and PEACE




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