[In the nature of things,] corrupt women are for corrupt men, and corrupt men, for corrupt women – just as good women are for good men, and good men for good women. [Since God is aware that] these are innocent of all that evil tongues may impute to them, forgiveness of sins shall be theirs, and a most excellent sustenance!

AN-NUR (26)


(THE STAR 25 March 2008)

… To remain credible Wanita UMNO must shed off outdated attitudes. The herd mentality which breeds false loyalties must be replaced by a new front that is intelligent, informed and articulate. Loyalty is well and good, but it should not be borne out of jealousies and vindictiveness – negative traits often associated with the female gender.

If the leadership of Wanita UMNO is truly sincere in fighting for the Malay cause it must disband internal groupings which are destroying the movement.

It must offer sound, solid and substantive backing to UMNO and BN in Malaysia’s new era of political development. It must be an effective agent of change to lift UMNO and Malay women up to a higher level of achievement.


…Memang sudah tiba masanya Wanita UMNO menukar imej dan hala tuju supaya diberi peranan yang lebih substantif dalam UMNO. Persepsi bahawa wanita terdiri daripada golongan “mak cik” dan “nenek” harus diubah dengan barisan pemimpin yang berkebolehan membawa wanita Melayu ke tahap pemikiran dan pencapaian yang lebih tinggi.

Wanita UMNO harus menonjolkan diri sebagai barisan ahli UMNO yang bukan hanya mengikut cita rasa dan aliran pemikiran pemimpin lelaki atau pemuda tetapi mempunyai pendirian sendiri. Wanita UMNO harus muncul sebagai barisan “mak cik” yang berfikiran bijak dan matang yang boleh mempengaruhi keluarga UMNO yang besar. Dengan menunjukkan pendirian yang tegas dan integriti yang tidak berbelah bagi, Wanita UMNO boleh memulihkan imej parti yang sedang menghadapi masalah kredibiliti…


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  1. March 18, 2009 at 10:00 am

    Wanita UMNO members are not the city slickers that some of us are! Nor have they had the opportunity to be empowered and enlightened by a Western education with its extensive knowledge base.

    In the main they are housewives who’ve gone through the national education system up to secondary school level. Many have not been fortunate enough to complete it and eke out a living to support their families.

    Those in the towns would have gone to college or university and are teachers or office workers, committed enough to spare some time for politics.

    We, the well-heeled, well- educated and well-exposed, city slickers have no time or inclination for the grassroots politics which is UMNO’s base – except perhaps during the general elections when we wade through mud and slush to listen to the leaders campaigning among their electorate.

    Even then we go out of curiosity rather than genuine concern for the plight of our less fortunate sisters!

    So who are we to be so critical of Wanita UMNO or the other UMNO wings for that matter?

    However, the reality on the ground is that it’s not easy to reach out to these ladies if we want to! At all levels there are barriers to prevent people who are perceived as threats from offering their knowledge or expertise.

    Well, what do you expect when even among them there are squabbling factions and quarrelsome leaders who have no scruples about putting each other down!

    But I’d still like to help and I’ll still try! And I strongly believe that the saviour of Wanita UMNO does not lie in economic empowerment as much as in an educational revolution!

    By this I mean reeducating and retraining them in effectively managing their roles and functions in the small society of Wanita UMNO and UMNO, and in the bigger society outside!

    We must start with women’s roles and functions as mothers and wives, for these roles subsume everything else in our lives. They must be trained to be good nurturers of family values, adat, customs and traditions which hold Malay society together. These include ethics and manners – what the Malays refer to as adab – and the Islamic values of honesty, uprightness, fairness and goodness.

    If they in their own homes and households practise this and are exemplary in upholding these virtues it will snowball into their immediate community. If they constantly remind their husbands and children
    about the dangers of going overboard with material pursuits and gains, a lot of the temptations in society will be avoided!

    If they show magnanimity and generosity towards others no matter what their ethnicity or background is, their children and grandchildren will take note. And their husbands too Insya Allah!

    I believe this is the way forward for Wanita UMNO – not the purely political stance taken by RAA or the economic empowerment suggested by SAJ!

    Let’s help to empower and enlighten these women so that they become an effective force in UMNO and in Malaysian society!

  2. 2 ninitalk
    March 20, 2009 at 8:42 am

    I wonder why women have a lot to say when they are in a group or face to face but shy away from offering their remarks in print – even when they can be anonymous!

    They should have the courage to speak up and offer their views so that their voice is stronger.

    I’m disappointed that women who are better educated than their sisters in UMNO are silent or speak only in whispers!

    Stop complaining about the “mak cik” and “nenek” and the Wanita UMNO leaders if you can’t offer any insights on how they can move forward!

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